3.12.2019 Pines Community Update

Dear Pines Condominium residents, 

Below is a list of issues that the Board Members is aware of and is currently addressing for our community.  We appreciate your input in this matter. Please continue to provide feedback and especially let us know if you identify other issues we might have overlooked.

You may contact the office manager (preferred) or any Board Member by any means of communication.  Frankly, we prefer receiving detailed written communication, explaining the issue with some detail, and suggestions, if you have any.  Please ensure, however, that any info provided includes your name, contact information, Unit number, and what/ where/when/for how long, etc., as this is very helpful.

The community funds are limited. We are working very hard to rebuild our fund reserves back to where it is supposed to be. We are not there yet, and it will take time. It is our main goal to avoid a Special Assessment, because we are keenly aware of the hardship you all have been facing since August 2017.  We want and encourage you to direct your monies in rebuilding your units and with that, your lives. At the same time, the Board, is diligently working on reviewing all common area-related expenditures to ensure that every dollar spent is smartly spent and it is in the best interest of the community.


Our president, Jay B, is on top of things in every aspect related to our community. He frequently walks the property, keeps an eye on the Office Manager, meets with contractors, reviews and verifies contractors, instructs the Office Manager on how to check the contractors work performance. He is going above and beyond his job requirements.

Folks, please be assured, we are a GREAT TEAM, and every team member is consistently pulling his weight, and doing so for the simple reason that we consider this community our extended family.

Thank you,

Board of Directors Pines Condominium

Laundry Rooms  DONE (Fully Functional)
Roof repairs  (Work in progress, most of the leaks corrected, at this time we are not aware of any leaks)
Car-port  DONE
Storage Rooms  DONE (Sheetrock, Taped and Float, installed doors)
Swimming Pools  DONE (Back to normal)
Cleaning Common Areas  (Work in Progress)
Resume Pest Control   
Replacement of West Boiler Storage (Work in progress, collecting bids from contractors, Job will start as soon as next week)
Filling of Large Potholes (Work in house, ETA end of March, to be completed dependent on good weather)
Cleaning outside walls (Work in Progress -80-85 % DONE to be completed dependent on good weather)
Curbs and side walk repairs  (Work in Progress, waiting on bids from contractors)
Lawn care (Work in Progress, as weather allows us work will start as soon as this Thursday, March 14th)
Painting of owner front doors (Soon to be decided what color to have the doors painted)
Renew Electricity contract Pines Condominiums (Work in Progress, to be renewed by the end of the year)
Plumbing (Work in Progress, some issues fixed still work to be done)

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